About Us

Photos pauses the time, it gives a slight feeling of being remembered, never forgotten. As a human being, we all seek in our own way being remembered .Pictures gives us that illusion. Plus, whenever you see a picture, it brings with it feelings that we once had, a moment that we once enjoyed sometimes it make us remember a happiness that once happened. that’s why we like to take pictures and keep them. Because they freeze time. That's why we're dedicated to helping you turn them into beautiful personal photo pajamas. 

We are a new team based in China, all the products on our website are made in China also. We cherish every opportunity to cooperate with our customers, especially for their holidays. We hope to build precious memories with you and our unique products. All the items on our website are made with high quality material. What could be more titillating than having reminders of the people and things you love and cherish with all the time? Come with us and design your own gifts! Make those important moments your own!

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